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Trading Volatility


About the Authors

Brennan Nykreim

Brennan started trading volatility in 2015 during one of the market selloffs. He started like most and traded TVIX long for one of his most profitable trades that year. Since then, he is exclusively on the short side of the trade. Trading volatility products has helped support Brennan’s way through graduate school where he completed a Master of Arts Counseling degree. When the markets are closed, you can find him hiking in the mountains and enjoying wildlife.


Innoware became passionate about Volatility Trading when he started his research on Volatility based ETFs/ETNs & realized that their pricing follows a logical path which can be used to our advantage in both bull & bear markets. He has also developed over 100 educational apps on iOS and Android. When markets are closed, he likes playing tennis and then watching Trevor Noah’s “The Daily Show” and “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”.

Prannay Pradeep

Prannay Pradeep is a junior in the gifted program at Interlake high school, in Bellevue, Washington. Prannay wants to graduate in Software Engineering & make a career in Wall Street. He got interested in Volatility Trading when he was asked to proof-read this book. Prannay is also the founder of Center for Assistance in Sports and Education (http://case9.org), a Washington based nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that strives to provide assistance in the areas of education, sports and the environment.

Trading Volatility - Book Chapters

Trading Volatility – Content

Trading Volatility using the 50-30-20 strategy eBook covers swing trading of the volatility products – shares as well as options and discusses how to maintain a core position that gives you enhanced ROI (return on investment) over time. Also covered is “risk management” and “strategies to deploy in a bear market”.

The book contains the following Chapters:

  • How I Started in volatility trading
  • The Basics
  • Overview of pricing of Volatility ETFs / ETNs
  • How VIX Related ETFs/ETNs Are Priced?
  • The 50-30-20 Strategy
  • Why Going Long Volatility Is Usually Unwise
  • Being Long XIV & SVXY
  • Shorting UVXY, TVIX, VXX
  • SVXY Call Options
  • Buying VXX, UVXY Long Dated Put Options
  • Selling VXX, UVXY Naked Calls
  • Selling “at the money” UVXY Straddles
  • 20% Portfolio Core Short Position
  • Cashing Out 1% of Your Portfolio Monthly
  • Managing Risk When Current Month VIX Futures (M1) Is Lower Than Next Month VIX Futures (M2)
  • Managing Risk when Current Month VIX Futures (M1) is Higher than Next Month VIX Futures (M2)
About the Authors


Here are some of the comments from readers of our book:


You have managed to explain highly complex, outright confusing to most, in a detailed and concise manner the inner workings of the volatility index and associated ETF products. Honestly, you've done a much better job in explaining these concepts, along with examples and calculations than most highly rated websites out there that write financial articles for a living.


Can't thank you enough for your book. My 2nd month of 5-digit returns on TVIX UVXY XIV. Hairy ride this week, but worth it.


Trading Volatility using the 50-30-20 rule is such a great strategy. I am telling my dad that he should implement this strategy but he won't listen to me. I just have to show him my returns in a few months.


I just started 2 weeks ago and seeing profit despite my other stocks being a sea of red...thanksInnoware.


Thank you guys. Never had the guts to hang on to a short before during a spike. This time I did and added more shorts, thanks to your book.

Brennan Nykreim’s interview with David Moadel.