Are you achieving a 100% plus annual ROI?

Are you achieving a 100% plus annual ROI?

We see a lot of talk and discussions on how to engage in Volatility Trading. There are proponents of options. And then, there are proponents of buying or shorting common stock of Volatility based ETFs / ETNs.

When using options, people use all kinds of strategies – Put spreads, Collars, Straddles, Strangles, Ratio spreads.

And then, there is discussion on how low or high the VIX is, what is the risk reward to buy a put or sell a call and so on.

The point is, if you are not making over 100% ROI per year on Volatility products, then you are not doing it right.

Open you iPhone or Android phone, open the “Stocks” App input SVXY as the ticker and see the 52 week minimum and maximum. SVXY had a 52 week low of $43.52 and high of $118.79. If you were long from $43.52, your annual ROI would have been [(118.79 – 43.52/43.53] x 100 = 172.95%.

Again, UVXY had a 52 week high of $194.80 and low of $12.04. Had you shorted at the highs and covered at the lows last Friday, your annual ROI would have been (194.80 – 12.04) / 194.80 = 93.82%

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